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September 12, 2008



The man leaves me shaking my head. It seems to me that some of the people who support him (and who have blogs I have recently been unfortunate enough to stumble over) seem to be the kind of people that totally distrust others. Sad.

Nance Confer

A staffer screwed up and this is supposed to tell us something about Obama? Come on.


Activities Coordinator

Nance - I never said it did. I made certain to point out that this was a "screw up" at the local level of his campaign. I also pointed out that I am sure he had no knowledge of this action.

If McCain's campaigners had taken similar actions, I would have been happy to scoff at them as well.

I can happily tell you that I voted for neither Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain in the primaries. My interest in this story was mainly due to the fact that it involved Girl Scouts. I am a troop leader myself.

If the campaign staffers had said to begin with - sorry, but we cannot support your efforts at this time due to financial reasons - I would have been less amused and more understanding. However, the idea of someone directing a troop leader to actually purchase campaign paraphernalia left me in stitches. (Of course, the giggles only set in after I picked my jaw up off of the ground.)

Nance Confer

The repetition of the story gives it credibility and smears Obama. And that is the point of a story like this. Not for you perhaps but for many McCain supporters it would be.

It is one of these urban legend sort of stories in the making. "Yes, he may be right on all the issues but did you hear that he hates Girl Scouts?"

How long until Snopes needs to have an entry on this incident?


Activities Coordinator

I do not think that it is my responsibility to protect any candidate, even the one I voted for. If a story is credible, as this one appears to be, and if I find it of interest to me personally, I will pass it along. If I had found any indication that the story was not true, I would not have mentioned it.

If it happened, then it happened. It's not my job to cover it up. If it didn't happen, I'll be the first to say I'm wrong.

Finally, it is not my business what John McCain's supporters make of the story. I cannot be held accountable for the antics of any campaign's supporters. I have enough on my plate keeping up with my own.

Activities Coordinator

My own antics, that is. Not supporters. Those are few and far between, and are therefore easy to keep up with!


I support Life on the Planet! Antics and all.

Life On The Planet

Wah-hoo! A supporter!!!! That makes a grand total of seven, counting my mother.

Thanks, Dana!

Crimson Wife

This whole story just strikes me as a bit weird. I'm not doubting its veracity, but what was the troop leader thinking?

The Girl Scouts is not supposed to be a partisan organization so campaign trinkets have no business being given out to the girls regardless of whether both major parties are represented.

I can see having a general citizenship awareness activity such as a speaker from the League of Women Voters talking in general terms about the electoral process.

FWIW, I'm planning to vote for McCain in November.

Crimson Wife

According to this blog
post, the Girl Scout story is, in fact, true:

Sen. Obama's people must've realized the bad PR they were facing on this because they did eventually send over a box freebies including a hand-written note from Obama.

Activities Coordinator

Well, to be honest, I can't imagine dealing with the campaign during a scout meeting. Really, I get more than enough of it the rest of the time. Meetings are a nice break from the political noise of an election year. However, I do know troops that are tackling it with the purpose being getting the girls aware of the political process. And I can see that buttons and stickers would stimulate the interest of younger scouts.

Personally though, I'd rather go camping.

Glad to hear he took care of it. Thanks for the update.

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