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November 23, 2008



That Scratchy has a good head on her fuzzy little shoulders!


Very cute, very cute! I think we homeschoolers (yes I'm lumping myself in) need to get more relaxed. Although until 5 minutes ago, I was unaware of this show and episode. Likely I'll remain unaware.


I think it was all a conspiracy, created with the goal of getting more Scratchy-cat pictures on your blog. I see right through Behar's evil scheme.

Life On The Planet

Theresa - I agree. She's one of the great thinkers of our times.

LeeAnn - Sometimes it's easy to overreact when you've been on the receiving end of criticism for so long. Mea culpa, too.

Yes, Hayley. You've brilliantly seen through the evil plot. You are so very wise! :)


Love Scratchy, hope to see him in more post. Thanks for the HT.

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