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October 09, 2007



this is what we do too, and whenever someone is over they laugh at me for being an organizing geek...but you know what, it really does work!

Pink Jeweled Cat

What a great suggestion! I don't like 'that drawer' either. Although we recently moved into a new house that had five times the drawers we had in the previous house, so we've now got two of them! *cries* One of these days I might get motivated enough to slim it down to one. Ta for now dahling!


We have that binder, and have had it for a while. It is a touch of sanity in an insane world, but what do I do with the rest of the drawer?

Nap Warden

Oh, my menu drawer is a mess, I'm going to do this. Great idea!


*That* drawer is going down soon, I found a great organizer, so now instead of calling it my junk drawer it will be my misc stuff drawer, once I buy the organizer. A couple months ago I did get tired of loose papers on the countertops and put together a household management file of sorts. It's small enough to keep in an extra drawer but has all household related papers in it - coupons, menus, quick reference for numbers & product manuals. I think I'll do a post about it next WFMW rather than in your comments section. Great idea & that would be a favorite cook book of mine as well.


No take out menus in our home, because we're always traveling somewhere new. We're Olive Garden junkies, though, because they're everywhere and we know EXACTLY what to expect :-)

That (junk) drawer in our place is still an issue, nevertheless. The only way I can keep it under control is to use lots of little bins to keep similar items together and to purge it regularly. I need advice on how to keep hubby from buying more highlighters and filling the drawer!


I've put them all online on our city page.

And the drawer? It's forbidden to throw anything in it. LOL!


I have the same thing and I always slip the coupons behind them so that I can use them when we order. We always use a coupon and never pay full price.

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