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November 21, 2007


Natalie in TX

OH these are so cool! I have to remember to show the kids tomorrow morning and we'll have to do our own. Is it plagerizing if I do that? Or is that only if I use your pictures and claim them for my own?
We're schooling on Thanksgiving since the Head Master gave us a half-day off due to nice weather today and forcasted yucky weather for the rest of the week.

Aussie Kim

Dear Natalie,
I hope everyone takes their kids out and has as much fun as we did getting these photos. It is meant to be a full moon friday night and saturday night. Perfect time for it! If you want photos during the daytime you should get them today (3:33pm moonrise) or tomorrow(4:33pm). You can work out when the moon rise is and get your photos just after it rises. Best place to do this is:



How funny!

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