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November 13, 2007



These look fantastic! And you are a dang good imitation of the Pioneer Woman, which is one of my favorite sites!

Anne Glamore

These look way yummy!


these look so good...i'm gonna have to make me some of those...after i lose the five pounds i've gained in the last 3 weeks...or, maybe sooner:-)


I think I'm in love with your brownies!! LOL!! I'm going to try these!


Man, that totally looks delicious! I'm heading to the grocery store! Thanks for sharing!


Mmmm...My daughter requested brownies to take to karate on her b-day. I think we may try these.


Shucks! Butterscotch doesn't exist in this country along with Mexican food. But I will save this recipe for the states, looks mighty yummy:)Surprised you have these ingredients where you are.



Thanks for the recipe.
I'll try it out on the kids when I can find the ingredients.

Aussie Kim

That looks like pure heaven for about 5 minutes of savoured eating and then about 20 minutes of pure chaos with hyperactive children. I'm getting the ingredients (and hiding the product...)

Lady Why

I could eat that entire pan right now! And, it's only 8:30am!!


Oh, my! They look so yummy!!!


Yum! I think I gained 5 pounds reading this! :)


Never mind your brownie, where is mine? wiping drool off of keyboard...


Oooh yea. I reckon that would last about five minutes at my house. Yummy!


Uhhh..yeah. I made these yesterday after reading this post. YUM! And yes, the title is correct. The did disappear!

Too bad I have a Weight Watcher's weigh-in tonight. *Sigh*


I think I just gained 5 lbs reading this post. :D

Natalie in TX

Yep, those sure would disappear quickly between DH and DD. DS and I would be lucky to get one whole piece. I like the sound of eating it warm with ice cream. Maybe coffee ice cream instead of vanilla.

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