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December 18, 2007



On another news site, it said- "When deputies arrived, they were unable to get the child's parents on the phone, so they arrested her and took her to the county's juvenile assessment center." They didn't actually put her in handcuffs- bully for them.

Activities Coordinator

Thank goodness! Still, why couldn't they hold her at school until the parents were reached if she wasn't belligerent? Was she chasing people around with the knife?


So ridiculous.

Hey, I've tagged you! Please go to http://homeschool2point0.com/2007/12/ive-been-tagged/ for the rules. Not my usual practice but a great way to learn about the folks who write the blogs I read.



Every article I read said she was not being violent. Some teachers saw her cutting up her steak, and called the sheriff. Maybe the teachers are PETA members or something. Anyway, the teachers took the knife from her as soon as they saw it, and then called the authorities, because that is the policy, and of course one must blindly obey policy, even if it means terrorizing children for eating their lunches. This child has been charged with a felony- who knew that cutting up one's food was so dangerous!

Activities Coordinator

Eek! I've been tagged. Thanks, Lynn. I'll get on this shortly.

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