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January 07, 2008



I wish I could help you out but I'm a Baptist from way back.


Hey- is there another Cathy that is commenting on your blog?
I am an Episcopalian, a public school teacher. I have told my children (who are adults now), if they live in our community when they have children, that I would homeschool them if they wanted me to. I know of one girl who is an Episcopalian who is homeschooling. I will send your blog link to her.


You're starting a ripple! A wannabe Episcopalian baptist and an Episcopalian homeschooler who knows an Episcopalian. Will you accept a non-denominational Christian who doesn't really know anything about Episcopalians other than their portrayal in that book...something about Owen Meenie or Meeney or something. Probably not, but maybe you could post a wanted ad?

Mostly I came here because I might have found some reading for your family if you haven't seen it already:


You'll want to read it backwards, but it is the letters from an English officer, with each one being published on the day it was dated.


I'm the REAL deal, just a Canadian flavour. I'm Anglican and I homeschool. I also have a blog so maybe we should make a nifty graphic - "One of the two homeschoolers within the Anglican Communion" :)


[ Lifeontheplanet recently put out the cry for other Episcopal homeschoolers to stand up...]

Activities Coordinator

Cathy - Yikes! After days of digging, I cannot find the commenter I was referring to. Oh, the shame. I think maybe her name was Caitlyn, and I confused you two crazy Episcopalians. Whatever the case, you can be an honorary Episcopal homeschooler, if you like. We'll be happy to have you!

Dana - Episcopalians are an inclusive bunch. Of course, you'd be welcome. Bring potluck. (You'd have to learn the *secret handshake* though. Just joking.)

Also, thanks for the WW1 site. I'll get to reading.

Dawn - Now we have an Australian AND a Canadian, as well as us from the U.S.
I think that brings the group total to five. We should plan a meeting, rent a big hall...

A blog button sounds great! Dana, could you make us one? Pretty please? I'm ashamed to say, I don't know how.


Oh, I hear ya! I'm a Lutheran homeschooler or maybe just that Lutheran which homeschools. Nah, I'm a Lutheran homeschooler, it's part of how I view life and how I teach my boys from our Christian standpoint. Not many of us out there either! I'm a member of a church which has about 2500 members, there are only 4 homeschool families in our church at the time, that I'm aware of. I googled Lutheran homeschoolers once and didn't turn up much. Just a lady that checked out my church's website and then emailed me back insulting my church as too liberal & too industrialized looking. Apparently I was the wrong kind of Lutheran for her liking. To say this was a turn off is just a plain understatement. Maybe us "outsiders" should just unite! ;)

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Heather, if you don't mind a bunch of Episcopal types, you're always welcome. I deal with a lot of the outsider stuff where I am now. I know how you feel.


I'm the real deal too. I even have a supportive bishop who has given us an Anglican nun, raised in a homeschooling family, to offer leadership & support - organize events and the like.

We have four other homeschooling families that I am aware of in our diocese!


Heather - Anglicans are in communion with the Lutherans! Some of you anyway. :) So you're sort of part of the family!

Activities Coordinator

All in favor of Heather joining, say "Aye."

"AYE" "aye" "Aye" AyE"

Okay, Heather's in.


Hi there --

I am and Episcopalian and I home school my children! (with a very supportive Priest) I also have been a member of the yahoo Episcopalian support group with not much activity. Would be great to have a network!


Activities coordinator

Hey Jo-Ann! I'd love a network, too. I'm working on it! Stay in touch.


Well We are not exactly Episcopalians...we are traditional Anglicans here in the good ole USA, living in Kentucky. We have 8 children and home school them. I am priest of a small mission parish, where most of the children are home-schooled. On a whim I googled Anglican home school network, and found your site. Thanks for the effort, keep the ball rolling.

Fr. Bob


We are Episcopal homeschoolers in SC. I see that you are in MS. (If that's not the question you made up!) I have a bro-in-law ad sis-in-law that are Episcopal priests there. Please pass along any good Bible study you have found.

Activties Coordinator

Hey Janet,

I am currently involved in a Moms Bible Study (Motherhood from a Christian Perspective) that looks promising. Last week was the first week, so we'll have to wait and see.


I'm an Episcopalian wish-I-was-homeschooler, who ultimately decided to send my children to the local elementary where so many of the kids in our church also attend after completing the church pre-school. Homeschooling is really big where I live (southeast Pennsylvania) but I found that some thought us too Christian (the large group of well-organized Pagan unschoolers), others found us not Christian enough (the large group of Fundamentalist homeschoolers). I talked and talked about homeschooling within the pre-school, Sunday School and Adult Formation groups hoping to inspire a, say it with me, large group of well-organized Episcopalian homeschoolers and, well, no. People were nice about it but couldn't imagine why on earth I'd bother. So we opted to at least keep our children with the children of families we admire and whom they've known for years, hoping that if nothing else we can persuade the church to start a grammar school (the local big-name Episcopal private school runs $20k and up per year and is out of our budget). Ah, well. It's nice I'm not alone in my quest.

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Yep, that's us. We're both pagan and religious zealots, depending on perspective. Misery loves company, Marsha. Welcome aboard.


I'm an Anglican (a priest, actually!) who will be homeschooling once our two boys finish up with junior kindergarden and senior kindergarden in June -- we have another boy who is 2. I've wanted to do this for the longest time, but also wanted to give the boys a chance to see what the school just down the street from our house was like. They've enjoyed making friends, but are both excited about learning in a less structured fashion come the end of the school year. My husband is a teacher and is pleased about the path we're just starting down as a family. I'M really pleased to have found this site ... and to see that there's at least one other family from Canada is very heartening, too!

Activities Coorinator

Best wishes on your new adventure, Elizabeth. We're looking for a new priest. How do you feel about tornadoes, mosquitos and idiotic politicians?


Tornadoes, mosquitos, and idiotic politicians are, on a bad day, three plausible arguments against the existence of a benevolent God. Catching the flu over the March Break is very bad, too. Ugh. Thanks for a great site. Really refreshing and fun, too.

Erin McGuire

Well, I am an ex-catholic converted to Anglicanism homeschooling mom of 3, and I know of two other families in our parish. Sure would be nice to keep this ball rolling!Erin

Activities Coordinator

Aussie Kim and I are working on that...more to come.


Thanks for your site! I was just at a Christian Homeschool conference this weekend and really felt like I needed some Episcopalian support ;-)

And curriculum? Is there any such thing as a non-fundamental, not secular, episcopal "like" curriculum? ;-)

I saw your many posts about a support group and think that would be a wonderful idea!


Please let me know if you start a blog. I am going to start Homeschooling my son in June. I am an Anglican of some sort, my mum is British so I was raised in the Church of England as well as Episcopalian.

I am looking at doing what they call eclectic homeschooling, which I think does go to the core of Anglican belief. Looking at a situation and applying logic. My son is a bit behind in reading, but ahead in Math (He is just finishing Kindergarten) So a one size curriculum won't fit him. I am making it up with various non-secular curriculum(Pagan me) and I am embracing and adding prayer life. We are doing morning and evening prayer already, but I am going to add a noon one and a meditation and discussion time. I feel that will bring faith into the school environment.

Just my thought.


I am an airhead. I meant I am making it up with various secular curriculum. Also, I am in Oregon, but we are probably moving this summer.


I am an airhead. I meant I am making it up with various secular curriculum. Also, I am in Oregon, but we are probably moving this summer.


I was a homeschooling Episcopalian, but my son is graduating tonight and going to university in the fall. Some 10 or more years ago I was feeling the same as you, but then I realized that Charlotte Mason belonged to the Church of England, so one of the very earliest homeschool initiatives and curriculums was basically aligned with the worldwide Anglican communion, though mercifully not exclusive. Though it has been hard for me to find others on the same page as I, at least I stopped feeling alone.


Sonlight Curriculum is a literature-rich, Christian-based homeschool company that provides complete homeschool curriculum programs and materials from preschool to 12th grade. Our comprehensive curriculum has a global focus,and provides children all across the world with the desire to learn.

visit us : http://sonlight.com


Yay! I am an episcopalian homeschooler! (Actually, we prefer "unschooling" or "life learning") We live in Bellingham WA. I'm just starting and find it remarkable how many teachers, retired teachers, and involved public school (or private) parents there are in our church. They ask about my kids and I never know what to say! It might sound like I'm telling them they're all wrong! I too, have run into homeschool groups in my town, where I feel like i'm hiding something one way or another. I guess it could be exciting for us though- maybe we can be used to bridge the gap- open the conversation. :)

Here's some interesting sites:

anyway, I want to be in your club!

Aussie Kim

Hey y'all,

I too have struggled with curriculums that are a bit too fundamentalist. The conclusion I have come to is that it's just part of it all! I take the curriculums and teach them my way (leaving out the fundamentalist bits).

Up until grade 3 I highly recommend using the Montessori method - but only if you have lots of time to make materials, or lots of money to buy them. It is without a doubt the gentelest and most thorough education a child can get.

I enjoyed Sonlight curriculum for history and geography and the readings were 99% great (they tend to slip in one or two evangalistic missionary books a year that we don't read).

I am now using The Story of the World, which so far seems quite good. I haven't yet found a complete grade science curriculum which suits me. "Tops" is a great one for learning by experimenting. The Story of the World has several texts recommended which we will look at.

For Episcopalian (and Catholic) religious education "Catechesis of the Good Shepherd" is by far the best way I have ever seen for teaching kids about God and the Episcopal (and Catholic) traditions. However, it involves making alot of materials (in the Montessori style)

Some of the websites for these things are over at the other blog Susan and I run: http://www.homeschoolersavvy.typepad.com

I am so excited about this group! I live out in the middle of a bunch of cotton fields, but feel like I have understanding homeschooling friends, struggling with the same issues, right here in the house with me!

Let's hear it for the internet!
Aussie Kim

Activities Cordinator

I would love to have a site for Episcopal Homeschoolers where everyone could post freely. Any ideas? I suppose a message board would work but I'd really like something where folks could post on relevant topics - sort of an open blog.

In-put welcome.

Activities Cordinator

Also, I'll update my Anglican Bloggers list A.S.A.P. We are currently rather busy with family fleeing from Hurricane Gustav.


I am an Episcopalian (married to a United Methodist) who thinks about possibly homeschooling our daughter some day (she will be 2 in November, so this is a long-term issue!). I googled "anglican homeschooling" because I'm interested in getting in touch with homeschoolers who are Christian but not fundamentalist (including the more "fundamentalist-like" wing of Catholicism, which is understandably heavily represented among Catholic homeschoolers!).


Activities Coordinator

Hey Edwin,

There are a few of us floating around here and there, more, actually, than one would think. Feel free to email me here or at Homeschooler Savvy if you find you have questions needing to be answered.


We are an Episcopalian homeschooling family of 6 about to be 7. Yes, tons of Catholic resources, nice but I don't get all of the Saints. I too, was looking for an Anglican type curriculum just for grins and was surprised to find so little. Curious, no doubt.


I went looking for the exact same "resources" you did; and I found YOU! I am, indeed, an Episcopalian Homeschooling mum! I'm also a Spiritual Director, Eucharistic Minister, Lector etc. Standard issue ECUSA! My husband is a public high school math teacher but we were homeschooling before he was certified to teach. I have a B.A. in Religious Studies and was a Midwife for 20 years. I also have three blogs, on varying topics, and I'm more than happy to form any kind of "network" or support system of the "two or three gathered together" that we might amount to. Do feel free to find me at my blog; my website email address is easily found there.

Activities Coordinator

Michelle, always glad to no one of us! We are a rare (and special, if I do say so) breed! I'll be looking for you.

Activities Coordinator

Ugh, I'm tired! That should have said,"...to KNOW one of us!"

My mother would faint!


I know I jumped in a little late but I want an Episcopalian/Anglican homeschool network too! But I do steal a lot of stuff from the Roman Catholics that I know. That said--it's not enough. I do have another family in my small parish who homeschools but they rarely come to church so I don't have much exposure. Luckily for me my whole parish has embraced us and my dh has always been on board. We are new to our Episcopalian denomination having been Methodist before and so we've homeshooled longer than we've been Epis. But even so--we both have finally found 'home' and we want nothing more than to educate our children in our home and bring our Anglicanism into it. I truly love this expression of the faith and don't ever intend to denomination shop again. At least I have a ragtag co-op that I belong to that although all Christian runs the spectrum in beliefs.

To be honest, I think the reason that we aren't high profile is because we homeschoolers tend to be a little independent anyway (understatement anyone?) and getting Anglicans to agree on anything is like herding cats. Is there a chance for us? Well, I for one am going to take this week and holy week to pray it out.


P.S.-- maybe we should start a Yahoo group. Would anyone be interested in joining? At least there we could post thoughts, resources, joys, struggles and whatnot. I will go ahead with it if people are interested.

Activities Coordinator

Kristi, I'd be delighted! I've often thought that maybe after I'm finished homeschooling, I'll have time to start such a group! I hope you are able to do it. Please let me know if you do!


I am an Episcopal mom who is just starting out with homeschooling - kind-of. (Now THAT was confusing!) Anyway, I have a son who has Down Syndrome and many other medical issues that keep him out of school. I am wanting to officially take over the reins - not that the school has been doing much. SOOOOO glad I found your site, and I would LOVE to be included in your group. I am just starting to get a blog together, but you can contact me at my son's carepage if you need to ..... www.carepages.com OurLittleMan

At A Hen's Pace

I didn't know the comments were still "live" on this post!

I thought I had commented before, but as you know now, we are Anglicans who homeschool, or homeschooling Anglicans, or Anglican homeschoolers...

Just thought I'd add my name to the "network"!




I found an existing Episcopal Homeschool Yahoo group BUT haven't heard back from them and it's been more than a week. I suspect that group is dead. I think I will go ahead and start a new one. I'm not sure what to call it yet. Any ideas? When I get it all figured out (after Easter) I will add the link here.


Activities Coordinator

I think that is a dead link. If it is the one I'm thinking of, I joined it and never heard anything else. Starting a new group is a great idea.


Okay-here is the link to the NEW Anglican/Episcopal Homeschoolers Unite yahoo group. It might just be a few of us but please spread the word.




Hello from Okinawa! Our parish has several homeschooling families. My sons were home schooled and are now in their 20's doing college or mission work here with us; where Dad is the Anglican Priest. I miss those homeschooling days when I had them with me all day; empty nest now.


Aack- I tried to post this about a week ago but I see now that it didn't come up. I create a new group on Yahoo called Anglican-Episcopal Homeschoolers Unite here's the link...


Please join me. I'm all alone right now. LOL



I'm not why my link for the new yahoo group won't post. So, if you want to find the group please go to yahoo groups and search under anglican-episcopal homeschoolers unite. That's the name of the group and you should find it. please find it! LOL I'm all by myself there now. boo hoo!


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