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January 08, 2008



There's always Google Adsense. It's the standard fall back. There are a lot of great ad networks, but they require a lot to get in. If you're just putting your foot in the door I'd say sign up with Project Wonderful.


i use blogher. i have no idea if i've made any money but it makes me feel like all the cool kids.

Activities Coordinator

Oh, Phyllis! Reason #467 why you're on my Blog Roll.


I am right there with Phyllis! I made $26 whole bucks last year with BlogHer (low traffic - pity me and stop by!), but I totally feel like one of the "in crowd." I wish the con were in Chicago again - it's in San Francisco this summer, and that puts it out of my price range.

Oh well, maybe I'm not quite *that* cool, yet, but at least the cool kids let me do their homework for them! That's a step in the right direction!!


BlogHer ads. They pay better than almost anyone, and they don't accept smut.


I'm another blogher ads fan. I make anywhere between $60 and $100 bucks a month. Google adsense is ridiculous and you won't make a penny unless you have thousands of hits/day.

Karen (Mommy of Three)

OK, I do a lot of paid blogging. I have a special needs son that I must stay home with, but the extra cash helps with medical expenses. I blog for Pay Per Post and several other companies, and make several hundred dollars per month. Places like Cash Crate and MyPoints pay a smaller amount, and are mostly just surveys or emails, but they are legit. If you have more specific questions or want more info, just email me at reviewsbykaren at gmail dot com and I will be happy to help in any way that I can!


I don't make money from my blog but just another suggestion is to become an Amazon Associate.

Sarah (Real Life)

I have this same question! I just started with Amazon, it's really easy to sign up. I also started an affiliate program that hasn't paid off so far. I'm planning on applying for BlogHer when they open up for applications again. Who knows when that will be.

Becky Perry

I don't make tons of money but I make a good amount - mostly through Payu2blog and PPP.


Try to get in the blog ads network. Go to blogads.com. for more Also there is Bidvertiser that I have done ok with!

SAHMmy Says

I have Google Adsense but as others point out, it's pennies a day--if that. Pay Per Post has come through both on the posts and referrals--payment made to my Paypal account as promised. Just did a post for Review Me--looks like fewer opportunities but that one paid $17.50 for 20 minutes of work--not bad--my post has been approved but I can't confirm that they pay on time yet. I do like the paid post idea more than ads--you know exactly how much you'll make and putting up sponsored posts helps push you to write more "real" posts that keep readers loyal and traffic flowing.

Liza's Eyeview

Well my dear, that's what I talked about in my WFMW post last week:


Activities Coordinator

Thanks Liza. That's what I get for skipping a week!

Thanks to everyone else, too. Keep the ideas coming!


BlogHer is closed to new bloggers right now (I just checked last week). I don't like PPP, because I- just don't.

I have made money with turning my blogposts into articles for Associated Content. They pay between $5-$10 per article.


I like PayPerPost, I can choose what I'm willing to blog about, and for the most part you can copy and paste what the company says about themselves ;) Making it mondo easy to earn 10 or 15 bucks a shot.


I do several paid postings for several sites. I made $524 last month! It's easy and fast! I also stay home with my daughter who nearly drowned a few years ago. It works for me and it's almost fun to get paid to blog!


I have also done a few advertisements for Pay Per Post. My husband has made over $200 doing it. It is legit, but it does require some time. I tried Cash Crate and started getting way too much spam and too many phone calls. Still haven't sent my $10 either. Not worth it to me. Also I started up an ebay account so I could start selling stuff on line. Hope that helps!


BlogHer ismaking some updates to prepare for their "next phase" which sounds like it should be all good stuff for bloggers. Their CPM is one of the best and I like it. So there.

Check out Problogger...Darren has a lot of information about monetizing blogs so you can get some ideas.


I do paid postings, but I don't earn hundreds, like some other people. Maybe because I'm living in a different timezone.

I haven't made anything with the ads in the sidecolumn. So that's a real waste.

Feel free to mail me when you want to know more.

Have a great week!!!

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