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February 11, 2008



OK, well I have a question. It really isn't about you so much as it is about Aussie Kim. 'Cause I'm married to an Aussie, you know.

And I'm just wondering if she has issues with r's. That u thing doesn't bother me 'cause I don't hear the u when he talks. But he (I think intentionally) leaves the R out of words like car, and far and bar. I'd be able to deal with that.

But he stores them up and throws them places they don't belong. Like Nebrasker. And Daner. And there you can see why r's get to me.

And I was also wondering if she refers to herself in the plural, as in "Give us a break!" When she is only talking about her and possibly any multiple identities she may possess.

Just wonderin'.

Activities Coordinator

Yes. Yes. And yes.

But this is the fun thing, she lives in the Mississippi Delta, so her children speak Misstralian. Or Ausissippi. It's a fantastic accent. We should all have it.

Aussie Kim

Some words in my defence:
For Australians the ends of words are optional. For Americans the ends of words are where the emphasis goes.

My children sound like they just came out of the Mis-sippi DelTA Cot'n feelds. They have no trace of an accent, and when I travel back to Australia people wonder if they are actually mine, or if I adopted two urchins from above mentioned cotton fields.

My children are beginning to pick up a Louisianna accent from Louisianna Sue's brood. It's hard for me to restrain from telling them to talk properly, because well when you think about it, what is properly?

When my daughter was learning to read I got her to read the word SPILT. She read it, then paused and said: "What's that?" I said, "You know, spilt, like I spilt the milk, when stuff falls onto the floor." And she said: "Oh, SPE-ELT...." I think the Mis-ssippi is in them now.

What part of Australia is your hubby from Dana? This has a big effect on their Australian accent. I am from Queensland (Beautiful one day, Perfect the next).

What gets up my nose is when my husband uses the word (not a word in my opinion) WAKED UP instead of WOKEN UP. We finally resorted to lookng in the dictionary, but he used an American dictionary so it listed woken as "old english word"... Now I only agree to look up the pronunciation of words using the (Australia) Macquarie Dictionary.

He says WOKEN is what you do when you move yourself down the street (I'm woken down the street). I mean, give us a break!

OK, enough ranting for now, time to get back to homeschooling the rug rats.

Activities Coordinator

Points to Ponder for Aussie Kim:

1. My Tiger asked me not long ago where his "bloody pencil" was. And he heard this where?

2. There is only 1 N in Louisiana. That's according to Websters, of course. The spelling may differ in Austral-ya.

3. Your son asked me to use my torch. I believe most Mississippi children would call it a flashlight.

I have more:)


My first visit to your blog but I am bookmarking to come back - love your writing! I also cheated on my Girl Scout cookie vote - I feel I should own up to the fact that I love every single GS cookie ever made. I hope the penalty for this is not too severe.

Activities Coordinator

dlyn - I'm from Louisiana. Vote early, vote often.

Aussie Kim

Oh, I see. Perhaps they do have one or two Australian words up their sleeves, I never noticed....

And yes, when my son first used the word bloody (as in, "The bloody cat bit me") my husband looked directly at me and said, "Well, he didn't learn that from me!") He's from Texas.

When my son said "DANG" when he stubbed his toe one time, I looked at my husband and said, "Well........." You get the picture!


I love the vote early, vote often comment. It's not saying much when you move to Louisiana and the political system of voting is BETTER than where you came from.

I'm from Florida....home of the hanging chad. How embarrassing.


My father-in-law works in Queensland! Hubby is from Melbourne. : )

Activities Coordinator


You'll notice there was no denial of the board game cheating! (Just kidding, Kim.)

Aussie Kim

Those from Lou-siana should not comment on others about arranging things in their favor. (Vote early, vote often! I think corresponds well with "Why not play a game on Australian facts?" or "One turn, two turns who's worried about it?")

Melbourne - I lived down there for 3 winters and 48 days. After the PNG Highlands it was kind of a culture and climate shock. No wonder your hubby can cope with the Nebraska cold!

Small world!
Aussie Kim

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