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April 15, 2008


At A Hen's Pace

Oh, oh, you just reminded me! I have a picture of MY son's hair on my camera that I need to post!

I totally agree--though it is so hard to wait for them to FINALLY decide they need a haircut!


Karen (Simply A Musing Blog)

lol. If only my son's hair was curly! He (meaning my own son) looks a little like Shaggy from scooby doo right now...in DIRE need of a cut!

Nicole @ Life in Progress

This was cute. I think you are right though. Picking your battles is key. I have a friend with teenagers & she is really good about not getting worked up over things that are not worth getting worked up over. I'm trying to learn from her & now, you......

Gettysburg Mom

You definitely have to pick your battles. I let the long hair go & turned a blind eye to the developung dreadlocks. Luckily for me, both kids recently decided to cut their hair & it is so much easier.... good luck!


I have exactly the opposite problem. My son likes his hair cut a certain way, and it is short but not buzzed. He wants his hair cut ever 3 weeks, and it ends up costing a fortune over the long haul. He has just started paying for his haircuts though. He now has his first job.


Oh yes, seems we all have to go through the great "hair debates" these days. We do have a family wedding this weekend, so the hair is getting a trim. Day to day, it's just not an issue I'm going to focus attention on. You can tell my kids are homeschooled though...around here all hair has to be off the collar and trimmed around the ears for school! (for boys, of course)

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy

Bravo! I agree, pick your battles carefully.

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