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May 06, 2008



Do you live near an Aldi? Or Winco? I save a ton by shopping at Aldi. It's mostly store brands, but who can beat their meat prices? I don't buy everything there...I still like certain brands. The only thing that isn't a huge savings is eggs. Also, you can save nearly .70 a gallon on milk just by buying it at your local gas station. Sounds strange, but it's true.

I normally spend $250 every 2 weeks for groceries, cleaning & personal care products. Now I'm down to $225.

Oh, and shopping w/ a menu & list helps too.


I have nothing useful to say on the topic. I just wanted to tell you I think you are sooooo funny. My children and a growing husband. Ha Ha Ha LQTM

Activities Coordinator

I shop at Aldi for the things I can. You really can't beat their meat prices. However, there are just some things they don't carry.

Those are the things that get me.


I would check out Angel Food Ministries. My sister is on her second month and we are purchasing for the first time this month. The amount of food you get for the price is really good.


I would check out Angel Food Ministries. My sister is on her second month and we are purchasing for the first time this month. The amount of food you get for the price is really good.

tami lewis

oh how i wish i could spend only $54 on 5 bags of groceries!!! i have soon to be 7 children plus hubby and me so that wouldn't go far. i do cook from scratch and bake all our treats so i don't waste money but.....


Do you have a Big Lots near you? They have great prices on food.
I would also suggest building up a stockpile in your fridge, pantry and freezer. If you see chicken on sale for a great price, don't just buy what you need that week. Buy extra and freeze it. If you like mayo, and you see it for 1.99 a jar, buy two and put one in your pantry. Better to reach for that 1.99 jar when the first one runs out than have to pay 3.49 for a new one.
If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check out "The Grocery Game." (www.grocerygame.com) I've been doing it for several years now and save an average of 40% on my groceries. It is cheap and easy to do.
And if you enjoy cooking, try to learn some 'scratch' recipes. They're cheaper, they taste better...and they don't have funny ingredients in them. (Honestly, have you see how much high fructose corn syrup is in stuff these days?)


shopping Aldi's or Save A Lot or loss leaders(the items on the front page of sale ads of your local grocery store) are the things that worked for me in getting a stocked pantry! I only buy things when they are on sale. I do couponing. There is many sites that have printable coupons that you can print and use in most stores. Have you heard of MoneySavingMom.com?? she usually has many posts on saving $$ at the grocery store. I haven't gotten too far into CVS-ing or going to Walgreens for my household type products but I am learning slowly but surely.

Also cooking from scratch, buying some things in bulk and using leftovers are good ways too to stretch those $$.

There are many blogs out there that talk about saving $$ at the grocery store and beyond. :)

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation

I'm checking out the Grocery Game myself for this same reason...but I second the recommendation for Angel Food. It's good food for a great price.


Check out couponmom.com. Very similar to the Grocery Game, but it's FREE.


Eat lots of beans, rice, soup, salad, and eggs. I made a crockpot full of frijoles a la charra for lunch today; total cost was $5 and our family of five will eat twice off it. We eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal; it's healthier and cheaper. I try not to pay more than $1/lb. for meat if I can help it; when I have money for it, I buy extra of whatever's good and cheap to freeze. (This summer, though, we're planning to buy a half a cow to stock the freezer.)
Liquid gold --er, milk -- is rationed and you do have to drink it ALL if you take it. I make my own yogurt because storebought is nearly twice the price of milk. I buy oats, flour, and other staples in bulk from Amazon (because I live out in the sticks). We have a garden which keeps us in greens, herbs, green beans, and tomatoes through the summer; even if you don't have a garden, greens and tomatoes will produce well in containers. I figured that growing our own veggies saves us $100-$200 over the summer months. We either bake bread in the bread machine or shop from the day-old cart; if you live near a Panera bakery, find out where they send their day old bread; it usually goes to a church or charity which gives it away, and it literally is only a day old. (Day old Panera was our "daily bread" while my dh was in seminary!) What I don't buy: processed food (except sausages and bacon), prepared foods, lunchmeats, soda, snack foods, chips, desserts (except for special occasions), or anything whose only selling point is a cartoon character and a cute plastic package. If you eat a lot of salad, it's usually less expensive to make your own dressings, or to use vinegar and oil or wilted lettuce dressing, than to buy the bottled stuff. And planning your meals and shopping with list, if you don't already do so, makes a big difference.

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