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June 24, 2008


Liz C.

What nice grandparents!

First, sort it out by type of fabric. Put all the cotton prints in one pile, fleece in another, etc. If they're all cottons, then divide them up into categories like "pants weight" (jeans and twills) or "quilt weight".

Next thing: keep ONLY those pieces your daughter likes. The extras can be donated to any charitable quilting circle (check local churches, and ask at your local quilt shops for groups that do charity quilting), but don't bother trying to store fabrics she doesn't love.

Once you have things sorted by textile and adoration, then she can fold it neatly and sort by color or any other method she likes. See-through bins that can stack on the shelf work really well for fabric and supplies.

I keep all my threads, notions, and tools in a nifty fly-fishing tackle box--again, very portable, and everything has a place.


I keep all of my material in cabinets, sorted just the way Liz talked about. I also have a very tall wicker laundry basket under my sewing table holding all of the projects I am currently working on. All of my thread is sorted by color in four different baskets, so that I can pull out one basket at a time to work on a project.
Good luck organizing!

Amy @ Experience Imagination

If you have room in a closet, you can hang folded fabric on the bottom bar of a plastic or wood hanger.


You've gotten some good advice here. I keep my fabric folded on a white wicker etagere that I picked up at someone's curbside last summer. Any kind of shelf would be nice. I like to separate by type of fabric, but color is a good way to go,too! I keep my scraps in baskets, by color. I agree completely that you should only keep what your daughter loves.
My biggest piece of advice, as someone who has been sewing for over 30 years? Prewash your fabric! Seriously, it took me years to figure out how important this is. There's nothing more frustrating than making a garment, then being unable to wear it after you wash it because it shrank. Better to get that shrinkage out of the way before all your daughter's hard work.
Best of luck for a lifetime of sewing enjoyment!

Activities Coordinator

Thanks everybody for your great advice. We'll get right on it!

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