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July 30, 2008


At A Hen's Pace

I noticed that the library in our new hometown has a limit too. (Unlike our old library.) I hope they're as understanding of "our kind!"



Activities Coordinator

I never knew. The librarians at "our" library know us well & so they never mentioned it!


My library is like MY "Cheers"...They know me there....and lucky for us, they have NO limits. (I have -gasp!- lost a book or two and had to pay for them, this happens when you have a library on your shelf.


Been there, done that! Where we used to live, the library staff looked forward to seeing us. Because of our family, they got more new books---moneys were decided by volume and we increased that volume apparently by a lot!


Your Butterfly is after my own heart. :)

The library we frequent has limits based on how many members of your family. Maybe I need to have more kids just for that perk. Ha!


I love that story. How many books exactly does it take to confound your librarian?


Oh how funny!

Crimson Wife

We now have 5 library cards for the 4 current members of our family (one's a "teacher" card) because I kept running up against the item limit.

Joint Pain - YahooAnswers

Well, it's probably part of taking the challenge of homeschooling.

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