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July 16, 2008



You know, I understand. I have a huge list of things to do, and it's actually getting done. But not noticeably. Just when I sit back and think about it.

Activities Coordinator

Life is in the details.

Susan Ryan

About those renewal tags...how come we're paying 78 bucks (in Illinois) for little bitty tags, when 20 years ago we could get prison made and big ole license plates every year for a third of the price? (Can't collect tags like my grandpa collected license plates.)

Regarding the microscopes, did you look in the dumpsters out back behind the school? I've found some wonderful stuff (unopened sports salves, sports equipment, books, bags) in the ps dumpsters in 2 different schools. (Kids were mortified, of course, but we were just passing by and I noticed.) Surely private schools wouldn't do that though.

Activities Coordinator

A dumpster diver! I knew you were my kind of gal! I probably waited too late for that, but I have a call in to the local highschool, so we'll see what happens.

Activities Coordinator

Oh, and about the vehicle tags, here in MS I paid $33.00 for an aged mini-van. It's yearly.

Susan Ryan

Yep, dumpster diver extraordinaire. 2 college students living on campus....the fully furnished stuff some of those kids throw away at the end of the semester! I do have to fight off the homeless fellas and ebay sellers though. ;-)

In the state of IL where our state taxes haven't been raised, but our annual license ++FEE++ is now $78, we're not as fortunate as you in MS. I could mention that we'll likely have 2 governors in a row in prison, which explains a lot.

Good luck with the microscope. Our local ps chemistry teacher was willing to let us use them if we wanted. He's a good guy.

I ended up buying one from American Science & Surplus: http://www.sciplus.com/

That place is a trip. I think they do some dumpster diving too.


Doing nothing is the best part of summer.

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