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December 19, 2008


Lou Lawson

Thanks for thinking of us. We are all well. Sorry you missed the snow in Louisiana. My daughter's dad and whole family still live in the New Orleans area. We live in north central Indiana where we 'just missed' the big snow that Chicago got. We got the ice instead. I would rather have snow. Ice is too destructive. Plus with snow, you get snow men and snow angels. :) Enjoy your short sleeves!!! I will think of you next time it snows, which should be after Christmas. They don't forecast snow for Christmas Eve here :(
Take Care and may you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


Seemed like after the snow melted it had just been a figment of our imaginations. How bizarre and wonderful.

Activities Coordinator

Susan - I wouldn't mind a figment or two! The kids live on weather.com. It's wonderful that you got to enjoy it.

Lou - Glad all is well. You've been on my prayer list.

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