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April 20, 2009



Wow, I hadn't heard about all that plagiarism. Incredible. And completely pathetic.

Activities Coordinator

Yeah. How dull must your life be to steal someone else's? Criminal element aside, it's absolutely pitiful.

And I thought I was boring. At least I'm an original bore! :)

Crimson Wife

It just strikes me as totally weird that people would be plagiarizing personal anecdotes. I would've thought that a plagiarist would be most likely to copy an opinion piece. Not that I would ever knowingly try to pass off someone else's writing as my own, but I can understand the desire to have others think I had come up with such brilliant arguments. KWIM?

Activities Coordinator

Yeah, IKWYM. But that's my point. If you don't have brilliant arguments, there is no danger of being plagiarized! Excellent strategy, no?

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