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May 03, 2009



Bwwaaahhaahaaahaa. Love that sign!

Congrats on the newest member too!

Activities Coordinator

Thanks! It's great, isn't it?

At A Hen's Pace

Great sign.

We have new rodent family members too--pet mice, that I can't get my husband to take a picture of with his super-duper camera! Not sure if he's just lazy or he doesn't like mice. Of course they won't sit still either...

Activities Coordinator

They asked for a hairless rat. I said, "No!"


Aw, what a cute little fuzzy wuzzy. My kids are starting to remember all of the things I said "maybe someday, if we ever get a little more land" to now that that particular someday is almost here.

They can remember conversations about ponies and bunnies, but not about fractions.

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