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October 05, 2009



What a shrew!I CAN NOT believe the power trip some folks are on. And I CAN NOT blame you for spelling it however you want for ever more.

Activities Coordinator

Mrs. Anderson: Reason #847 to homeschool. :)

Crimson Wife

Too funny! There are some alternate spellings that absolutely grate on my nerves but "cannot" vs. "can not" isn't one of them.

Activities Coordinator

Butterfly has taken to using "Alternate British Spellings" of some words. (Colour, Honour, etc.)

I blame Aussie Kim! :)


Hee hee hee! You know you are carrying that woman around with you every time you make a conscious decision to defy her. I love your new page artwork!

Activities Coordinator

Thanks. I really have to say I haven't really conciously thought about her in years. Just when I write CAN NOT. Then it all comes back, and I snicker as I leave the space between the words!

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